Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 birthdays and one hell of a cake!!

my dad and his grandson had a birthday today. boris turned 72 and tristan will never be 18 again. we had a lovely afternoon sharing laughs, cakes and of course music (peanut vendor repeated 16 times). we had two cakes, the first photo is of tristan with mia on his lap and guess who blew out the candles?
the conways left and the davis' arrived and we had the next cake. mia and i baked it and decorated it with a fishy feel. what do you think?
click on these guys to get a better look
boris then had to have a nip with anyone who was willing (bravo tristan, mick and mike)
i do love to spend time with my family and have enjoyed getting to know my father again. the story of the peanut vendor song is very sentimental to my father, i will try to tell it so that it makes sense. those who know me well will understand.
my mother died at the age of 39 leaving her husband (soul mate, best friend) to raise 5 young children, eldest 13 - youngest almost 4. the peanut vendor song, as dad tell us, is the story of his life with his wife and 5 children.
i wish i could play it for you and maybe one day i will learn how to but if you get the chance, hunt it down and listen to it with this story playing in your head and see if you can listen to it without crying ( i am crying right now).
now the music is this cruisy, up beat tune, happy, life is great (imagine dad with his young bride) then you hear a horn squeak (melissa) then another (anita) then another trumpet of some kind (andrew) and another loud trumpet sound (narelle) and of course the last trumpet (rosey) all playing at once. great melody and tune but noisy just like five kids all talking, crying, laughing, playing fighting at once... as you listen there is an underlying tune that repeats itself and as dad likes to say it is mum singing IT'S ALRIGHT, IT'S ALRIGHT and if you listen you really can imagine her singing to her husband that everything will be alright. it is hard to explain without the music but it means so much to us as her children and this song was with us today and it is like having mum with us. ok enough from me.
i better go and do some school work, mmmwwwaaahhh rosey


Kiss Noises said...

Great cake Goldsworthy!!!! Sounds like you had fun and I need to hear that song even though your discription has me in tears even as i type! And i can't spell or use proper punctuation when i am crying....sorry Kiss noises!

afiori said...

That is very moving, and what a wonderful cake!!!

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