Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Andrea's Flower

back in June my sister Anita, who was visiting from London, made some fairy wands along with the ever important wish bag. the wish bag contained scrolls of blank paper to write your wish on, glitter (cause glitter makes wishes happen), seeds of cottage style flowers and butterfly markers to show where the wish had been buried. extravagant i know!!
before we had the chance to make a wish, i received a phone call from my dear friend Andrea telling me that she had breast cancer and was to have a mastectomy in the coming days. through tears i relayed the message to mick and immediately lili raced out to bury her wish. her first wish was for Andrea to beat this cancer and to be strong and healthy . Mia followed with her wish that grandma Lesley watches over her and gives her strength to beat the cancer too.
we have been tending to these wishes and many more and have been able to remember where they are as they are marked by colourful butterflies. a few weeks ago my girls came running in to tell me that Andrea's flower had grown and that meant that she was going to be OK.
aren't children just the best at finding hope.
this is Andrea's flower, it took three months to fight its way to the top and bloom. hopefully it is symbolic of Andrea's fight over this most insidious disease.


afiori said...

That is a beautiful thing to do. And wishes do come true, I'll make a wish for your friend as well.

Kerryanne English said...

I love this kind of magic. What a lovely gift your sister made. I hope this seedling blooms into a beautiful flower that inspires hope amongst the little people.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosie! What a fabulous gift from your sister to your little wish fairies and how gorgeous that they were willing to share their wishes to wish someone else well! I'm sure your Andrea will also love the symbolism and hope represented by that little flower. Without hope all the medicine in the world won't help and wonderful friendships are strong medicine too! All the best to your friend Andrea! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Anonymous said...

God bless your girls, they are so good to make a wish for your friend rather than themselves. Clearly, you are a terrific mom and your girls will grow up to be terrific women.

My wishes and prayers go out to your friend as well. Take care, all of you. xo :)

bekimarie said...

what a beautiful giftand what beautiful natured children xx

knitty bitty apparel said...

What a brilliant idea---so fun and I know my Josie would love it!!

Anita (Agapanthas) said...

Oh I'm so glad my fairy wands and wishes have been used in such a lovely way. I'm also thrilled that the fairies have have showed they were listening by making flowers grow for the girls. Hope Andrea feels the magic that you and my chickies emit every day. Love you all. Miss you. Wish you were here. Ax