Thursday, November 20, 2008

an inconvenient attack

you can always spot a teacher this time of year... they are the ones muttering constantly to themselves, slapping their foreheads as they remember another task that has to be completed 3 weeks before the end of school, they have bags under their eyes, crumbs on their shirts, seem high on caffeine and are constantly searching for the right words that sum up the behaviour, application and ability of the 30 angels in their care.
now throw in an asthma attack that puts your 4 year in hospital over night and it is enough to put a teacher into a tail spin. as i was sitting in the emergency ward all i could think of is the reports that had to be written that night... aaarrrrrgggg. once we established that her condition warranted a stay in hospital i conned my husband into staying overnight while i went home with the other two and finished reports. he is an angel and i have now finished them just in time for my own asthma attack yesterday at school!! cant seem to catch a break at the moment.
anyhow, to pass the time while mia was in hospital lili and i got creative and made some cute little fingerprinted christmas tags. mine are on the left. the ideas are endless and we cant wait to make other ones like puddings, robins, doves, reindeers....
mine lilis
mine lilis
close up of the twins
watch out for this cheeky guy
this is the back, i need to use a finer tipped pen. mia came out sunday afternoon and she had to make some too. hers are so sweet and put a big smile on your face! cant wait to see them attached to someones present. i bet one will head over to london attached to aunty ninas present.
arent they gorgeous? this fella is wearing a snow hat!
before the asthma incident i had been working on an idea for my students to make as a keepsake for their family this year. in the past i have made 'snow globes' with the kids but felt like a change this year. so this is what i came up with.
clear, fine glass baubles filled with whatever we can think of. this is one of the only shots i have of all 6 prototypes because lili had an accident and broke two!! yes she broke the one with mini m&ms, glass and those all through 70's style carpet.... once again aaaaaaarrrrrggggggg
this one shows (along with my messy hutch) three baubles. one with m&ms, one with shredded coloured paper and the last with coloured feathers.
i filled this one with mini licorice pieces but after a few i realised that i wont be able to get them out. they look nice though. feathers
these two are my favourite and my first. they are quilled strips of paper. you could choose paper to suit any christmas colour theme you have this year. just make sure your width of paper and hole in the top match.
ok i think i more than made up for my lack of posting lately, maybe i over did it? anyhow cant wait to see what you all get up to over the next few weeks leading up to my favourite time of the year.
mmmwwwaaahhh rosey


afiori said...

Sorry to hear about the asthma attacks :-( :-(

Lovely tags and baubles!! Break glass in case of craft (candy) emergency..? :D

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lili11 said...

Merry Christmas ... Have a great day.

Kerryanne English said...

Oh you poor thing Rosey....I can totally sympathize with you - I've spent many a night or two in hospital with my youngest with asthma.

I hope you will be back to peak form for tomorrow night. Fancy getting a gig at Lilly Cottage - I am totally jealous!! Let me know how you go...oh and pink sounds perfect too.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh dear hospital stays are stressful arent they :-( hope things are more settled now!
i love the last 2 baubles they are fab!
Lesley x

Christina said...

It's hard when the little ones get sick!

I totally feel your pain, though! I'm in the weeks of this semester (I'm going to school for elementary education), and last week all three of my kids caught a nasty stomach bug. I'm rushing now to catch up on my work!

I love the Christmas ball filled with allsorts! Very cool!

knitty bitty apparel said...

Sorry to hear about your little angel---but sounds like all is well with her now ;-) I absolutely LOVE the thumbprint tags---I want to do that with my little girl---I think she'll really enjoy it. And, love the rolled paper in the ornaments---very clever you are!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I do hope your little one is feeling better very soon. It can't be easy dealing with asthma.

I love those little tags, how cute are they! You and your little ones are so artsy and creative. Fingerpainting rocks! :)

And ohhh, how gorgeous are those glass ornaments! I have seen some plastic balls filled with feathers and things, but I definitely like the glass much better. They look nicer. I think that the quilled paper ones are my favourites, too. I like swirls and curls, so anything involving them makes my day. :D

Take care! I know being a teacher at this time of year is very very crazy and hectic. Take a bubble bath, drink some tea or better yet, hot chocolate, and have a lie-down with your family on the sofa. Soon it will be Christmas and then you can let your hair down and have fun! xo

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hi - award and tag on my blog for you :-)
dont do the tag if you havent time its quite a long one!
lesley x

Sal said...

Lovely to have found your fab blog...being a teacher I can fully sympathise!!
I love all of your the tags!
Hope you are all much better now.

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Rosey,
I couldn't find an email address on your blog. Could you email me please?? My email address is on my blog sidebar.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Thanks for comming by my blog,
I am glad I stopped by you as the fingerprint tag idea is soooo cute!
As i have a 2,3 and 5 year old,an idea such as that is do-able for all of them!

Katie said...

Hi Rosey...I'm glad your daughter is okay now...That must have been scary!...The tags are adorable...Katie