Wednesday, November 5, 2008

now i KNOW i'm psychic !*_*!

if you take the time to go back through my blog history you will find an entry on my psychic ability. to cut a long story short, i have this uncanny ability to predict births, pregnancies, basically things related to my friends and babies. i have a friend who has distanced herself from me for reasons not really clear to me so i cant even tell you. anyhow way back in Feb of this year i had the feeling that this friend was pregnant, she didn't ring me to tell me i just noted it in my diary and for some reason the 16th was a significant number. many months later, i found out along the grapevine that she indeed was pregnant and that the date i had written in my diary worked out to be exactly how far along she was and by my calculations due in November (i thought the 16th) OK, so i just go along with my life thinking of her every now and then and hoping that all is well. last night (Tuesday night) as i put my bottom on the bed ready to swing my legs over and lie down, i came over all sick and queasy clutching my tummy and in my head all i could think was, shes having the baby, she is having the baby!!! i jumped back up at 10:30pm and text her something like 'i cant stop thinking of you have you had the baby?' no response that night or the next morning but when i checked my phone around 4:30pm Wednesday an image of the most adorable little baby you have ever seen was on my phone with the title 'baby Murphy'! now i don't know if the baby was born on Tuesday but i cant wait to find out... hope she will talk to me. i left a message of congratulations with the nurse and i text her for all the details so i will keep those of you who are interested up to date. i am impressed with myself ~*_*~ i will be back tomorrow to show you my little plum pudding. xx rosey


Anonymous said...

Good! Now I know I'm not crazy, and at least one other person outside my family has those 'psychic' feelings.

Myself, my mom, and my grandmother while she was still here with us, all dream things that come true. It sounds so out there, but isn't it so exciting when you get those feelings and something wonderful happens? I think so. :)

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oooh now I have pins and needles( oh hang on I had those already), goosebumps is the word. I so believe your please please tap into those lotto far we have 16....what else? kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Heather said...

I came back from holiday and as I came through my front door I suddenly was assailed with the certain knowledge that my younger sister was in labour and in difficulty

The baby wasn't due for a few weeks and so I phoned her as soon as I put the suitcases down - no answer

I rang my mother and her mother in law - but neither knew her whereabouts or had heard labout had started

The following morning after a very uncomfortable night - her husband called us all to say she had indeed gone into a sudden and difficult labour and he hadn't had chance to call anyone

weird isn't it?