Saturday, November 8, 2008

on our plate tonight, oh and a mouse

do you get tired of minced meat dishes, sausages and chicken done every way known to mankind? (hang in there vegetarians, half my meal might appeal to you) after brainstorming with the girls over our options for dinner, we came up with a dish we had only done once before but had remained in our memories. introducing the salmon and potato stack topped with a sour cream sauce. while i prepared the potato mix, lili and mia made the sauce. it is very easy, just juice from half a lemon, some garlic chives from our garden and sour cream of course.
we just love how simple and tasty it is and there are no left overs!
earlier in the day while claudia was sleeping, i finished off a little mouse. i used fabric instead of felt but i think i will try one in felt next. it is hard to distinguish that it is even a mouse, i learnt lots from making this little fella.
lili has named her 'ms.madison york'
click on it to make it bigger but don't look too closely... i used too many threads and i really need to stock up on extra bits like wool and beads etc... but i am still learning and the more i practise the better i will be.
mmmwwwaaaahh rosey


I want a People Mover.. said...

We need the recipe for your dinner please...

michelle said...

Your dinner reminds me of the "salmon patties" my mom used to make when I was little! Your mouse is darling, would be really cute for Christmas, funny how you learn so much the first time you make something isn't it? I love your snowmen! Doesn't it make you happy to click over here and see their little faces?!

LisaLectura*creations said...

Hi Rosey! Thanks for coming to visit! Looks like a yummy dish! Madison York is a cutie!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)