Friday, November 7, 2008

toddlers, spiders and bees, oh my!

today was one of THOSE days... we started the day by walking lili to school and stayed to watch her and her grade one class perform in front of the whole school (almost 600 kids). they were very entertaining and spoke and sang beautifully. we came home and while the girls enjoyed some morning tea, i jumped on the computer for a look around before it got too hot in the study. claudia came in to visit me and was playing on the floor under my sewing table when she says oohh mummy a spider. she has a terrible habit of touching all insects and whenever she says spider we all yell don't touch. bloody glad she listened this time because on closer investigation it wasn't a harmless daddy long legs, as i was expecting, but rather a RED BACK SPIDER!!!!! i called mia so that she was aware of what to look for and then i squished that little sucker. that was a close call. then in the afternoon mia comes running inside yelling bees, bees, but left poor claudia, who touches all insects, outside and of course she tried to pick it up and it STUNG HER. the stinger got stuck in her finger and i had to dig it out with a needle! poor little darling, at least i know she isn't allergic to bees !*_*! the only good thing of the day was that we installed an air conditioner in our house back in february and it got a good work out today. have a great weekend xxrosey


Linda Lilly Cottage said...

That was just so you don't complain your day was boring and really you think your amazing powers would come in handy then and you wouldn't have had to go through bee trauma, but then i suppose she may not be so quick as to touch little creepy crawlies either now...maybe a lesson learnt?? Or not?? Kiss noises Linda

Jenn Maruska said...

Oh - lots of wildlife action at your place! : )

Julie said...

Hey roseleaf,

I have just spent a lovely 30 minutes catching up on your antics. I hope Claudia is ok after her bee sting. I know Chloe shares her passion for touching everything that creeps and crawls.
Love ya