Thursday, January 29, 2009

5:30 am 7 years ago...

my little lil came into this world at 5:30am 7 years ago and in a bizarre coincidence this is what greeted me at exactly 5:30am this morning!
her 5th tooth chose to leave her mouth this morning, rudely waking me from my much needed beauty sleep. (can anyone tell my fortune from those lines?) here she is flashing her pearly whites and dreaming of the money that the tooth fairy will bring.
it has become a bonser family tradition to open birthday presents on our bed after everyone has woken. lili has received heaps of gifts for her birthday but couldnt wait to open them so the ones that she opened this morning were just from us. she has gotten gifts from her cousins in sydney, her aunty in london and then the usual family and friends here in brisbane. i love any type of celebration and mia and i had fun choosing some gifts yesterday.
lili is into collecting 'treasures', she likes old tins and pretty things and she was delighted with this candle holder and mini vases. here is her loot from us, the only thing missing from this photo is the mp3 player we got for her, i think mick is holding it. we hope to head out for dinner on friday night lilis choice, please pray that my children dont act like animals! now as you know this blog is like a journal that i hope my girls will be able to read in years to come so here a few facts about my lili that i would like to put into print.
*she was induced on my grandmothers birthday but she took so long to come out that she came the next day. we still used jane as her middle name (my grandmothers name) and that also happened to be the name of the gorgeous nurse who cared for me throughout my pregnancy.
*when she was born she had to spend 2 days in the 'special care unit' and when the nurses asked for her name i said we cant decide between lucy or lili. mick came back to the hospital with a gigantic bunch of lillys that he and anita had bought for me. so lili it was.
*her nicknames are 'lou lou' 'lililou' 'bow bow'(as tie a bow in a ribbon) because that is how mia used to say her name. 'googlybear' and 'carebear'.
*she has a very nice singing voice with a natural vibrato.
*she is artistic and creative (but not outstanding) and loves to read or be read to.
*she isnt very athletic or coordinated, which would explain the three breaks in the past 7 years.
*she likes to tidy the house and could quite responsibly put a load of washing on.
*she is very soft and sensitive and cries just as easily as i do at anything that is unjust or inhumane.
*she has started a collection of old tins and smelly rubbers. she has also started collecting pretty things. yes my efforts to de-clutter are not working!!!!
*lili and i get on very well but she often has bust ups with mister moo.
*i love her to bits and am so glad that she came into my life.
now i am off to do things i should be doing. forgive me if i dont comment on your blogs, i am reading them but now that i am back at work time is organist me! mia starts prep tomorrow so i will loose my little companion who has been by my side for almost 5 years!! i think that when it is just claudia at home next thursday and friday i will have even less time as she will have lost her buddy too. * sob sob sob*
enjoy the rest of your week. i have been working on my valentine swap parcel and the material is exquisite cant wait to show you!!!
mmwwaahhh %*_*% rosey


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet gal.
i TOO will be mourning the loss of my Boy going off to school and his Sisters Playmate....
I guess I too will become the entertainer

i cant sew said...

just noticed the word 'organist' in my post! no i wont have an organist against me, although i am sure he would know how to handle himself.... time is against me :)
%*_*% rosey

Nata_says_so said...

Happy birthday Lili-lou!!!

love nata

Anonymous said...

Its so sweet thats she into collecting lovely little things.How nice is that.It will surely teach her to be a nice homemaker maybe oneday.All the best to her,lol@your lines on your hand,everyone has those silly.LOL.Your life line is supposed to be the one at the base of your thumb.Thats all I know.LOL

Anonymous said...

By the way I think she looks like her daddy.The other ones look like you.Thats just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lili! Way to go on losing another tooth! xoxoxo

Kerryanne English said...

Gee, a birthday and the Tooth Fairy all in the one day - how special!!
Hope she has the best day ever.
Happy Birthday Lili.