Monday, January 12, 2009

my mug is in a mag

me and my girls, lili in blue, mia with the curly top and claudia hugging babuska.
i mean my face is in a magazine!!! the lovely linda (i never seem to say her name without putting the word lovely in front of it) left me a comment and email to tell me that my letter to the editor was published in this months issue of handmade magazine (patchwork special 40 projects to create). my first big attempt at using a sewing machine was to make my babushka doll from a one red robin pattern (creator jhoanna monte aranez). she is an amazing softies designer and creator and nice gal to boot. after i made it and took a thousand photos i decided to email a letter to handmade to show her off. she isnt perfect and she has been kissed heaps since i made her so she is a bit shabby at the moment but i made her and i am proud of her.
here she is, i put bells on her side because i couldnt work out how to sew the ribbon in the inside!!
the best part was the hand stitching. if you enlarge it you can see my bad back stitching effort on her hair.
the base sucks but for the life of me i couldnt understand what i was supposed to do. i have weighted her base so she stands up but i would put heaps more stuffing into the next one i make. here she is with her biggest fan and the reason why she is all fluffy and sticky on the face. (smooch smooch goes claudia aaaarrgggg goes mum)
since making her i havent really touched the sewing machine but rather i do all my sewing by hand. i dont mind hand stitching in fact i love it but i think i would open a whole new world if i would just conquer my fears of my 'little brother' (it is a little brown brother sewing machine).
i guess i have the rest of my life to keep working on it.
oh no why did i mention the word work!! i only have 10 days left of holidays eeeekkkk. my classroom is a mess and i need to clean it before i can meet with my new teaching partner to sort out the term ahead of us. ok deep breath, everything will be ok.
on brighter news baby adelaide will be transferring to a hospital in her home town of toowoomba tomorrow, that will make life easier for mum and dad. they got to hold her the other day and the photos of mum bonding are absolutely tear jerking. another pretty girl born into the world!
good night friends, i suppose now that i am famous you will be wanting my autograph.
mmwwaahh rosey


Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! Shame you're not coming up to play at Highfields with me in March - guess we'll have to meet up some other time! Congrats on getting your photo in the mag and don't you keep telling poor dolly all the 'mistakes'!! They are 'quirks'! She is handcrafted with love and so she is a work of art!! You really should play with your little bother more often. I prefer hand stitching too, but am getting neater with the machine through practice!! Best motivation? Find a simple project you REALLY want to make, then go for it!! Will await resulting photos! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

and what a lovely mug it is too :-D
love the babuskha doll - must admit to resorting to hand sewing most times as only a recent sewing machine owner!! must just get on and use it!!

afiori said...

Hey - you work as a teacher?!?! I didn't know! *goes back in blog*
Hope you still plan to start an Etsy shop.

Sewing machines are not that scary, just stupid. They'll start behaving weird and you need to re-thread that thread and suddenly everything's okay for a while but god forbid you touch the thread tension thingie. I have an old Huskvarna which usually gets the job done but is very moody. You just watch your fingers, stare it straight in the eye and yell: I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU!

Anonymous said...

OMG !!! the babushka is soooooooo Super duper Cute ,so are the kids .I love her you done a fantastic job ,where did you get the pattern from ?

Imagine the stuff you would get done if you used your little brother more .Im the opposite to you I HATE hand stitching .

Like afoiri says stay calm and watch you fingers hold your hands flat ,just need to guide the fabric slowly .

Love from sesga xx

Anonymous said...

Cute doll.Cute kids too.You are cute to Rosey LOL. Hey the curls your daughter has oh my they are so cute.I guess she has naturally curly hair.I think Claudia looks like you.Have a great day/night.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Well that is exciting news...Congrats to you.

i cant sew said...

thanks guys! you are the reason i dont give up totally ( and the fact that i find stitching to be very rewarding)have a great week xx

Kerryanne English said...

Woo hoo...there is a super star among us [giggle].

Good on you Rosey for sharing the joy. I bet you really had fun making that doll for your little girls.

Anonymous said...

I had been curious about this doll, now I finally get to read her story! She's gorgeous, you did a great job with her! xo

edward and lilly said...

How exciting for you, she has such a cute face and she looks like she's very much loved.

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Rosey - she is just gorgeous and well done on your publishing efforts!!! Did you win something? I love the picture of you and your girls!!

bexsbuttons said...

hello! i just popped over from hoolypops blog. just thought id say that your babouska doll is lovely!! i love her hair and should give yourself a pat on the back...for her...and your cute daughters
take care

clare said...

When you've finished signing autographs pop over to my blog I left something for you there .
Clare's Craftroom

Miranda said...

I will definately be wanting your autograph Rosey.. !!
My talented friend xxxx

Jhoanna said...

Congratulations! You and your girls are beautiful :-) I'm so glad your letter was published in the magazine - you did a wonderful job despite it being just your first handmade softie. I hope you make more! And hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays too!

(PS sewing machines can be your friend :-))

Anonymous said...

You are a star now rose - that is wonderful new copngratulations on the publication and you are truly a diamond !! - luv ya - Daz and Sarena