Thursday, January 1, 2009

no bang just a BREAK!

happy new year to those who read this and those who will read this in many years to come. i started this blog in the hopes that others would read it but also as a diary for my girls to look back on and read about how great their life was (when they hate me for not getting them the latest 'whatever').
my new years eve day was spent driving to the doctor, then to the x-ray unit, then back to the doctor to confirm that lili has broken her humerus bone very close to the top of her shoulder! the good news is that they cant put a cast on it (Can you imagine a cast in this heat) so she has to wear a sling for the next two weeks and hopefully it will heal nicely. how did she break it i hear you ask? falling off her new bike on her 5th ever ride. bloody hills, who invented them? i guess she hasnt got the hang of brakes yet *^_^* i had a good night seeing the new year in with mick even if we were in bed when it happened.
before i move in to the new year i have to finish off last year. (remember this blog is for the girls after all). i want to post about some of the things they got for christmas.
in our house it seems to be the trend that they get something from santa, something from mummy and daddy, something from the siblings and something in the stocking. then of course they get lots from the rest of the family on both sides. this year seems to be lots of things that they are playing with rather than the initial play then walk away.
each of the girls got a bike from santa
we got them a karaoke machine to share little miss lil singing away, yes thats the sling! this machine plays normal cds as well as ones with words and it has a camera which goes through the tv so they can watch themselves singing. really cool. and a drum kit for claudia to play along while the other two sing and dance.
mia is really co-ordinated and does a great job on this baby drum kit.
claudia loving every minute of it.
the girls gave each other one of these huge pillow toys
here are some books that they recieved, some in their stockings, some from nata and some from the davis family.
these 'warren' books have that flocked feel, memories of my childhood come flooding back when i touch them.
nata and matt gave the girls some books too, lili is totally thrilled about having her first 'set' of books.
these books from the davis family are two of the most amazing books you could ever dream of. the photos below do not do justice to how extraordinary they really are.
this is one of the pop up pages!! and within this page tiny fairies are hiding waiting to be found.
one book is a journal of the authors findings.
the last page is a pop up old fashioned camera with a hologram on the front.
they also got these great lights from the conway family, they have found a place on the hutch so that we can see them day and night! one day our house will be filled with lanterns of all types!!!
and these are the little puddings that linda popped in the bag along with the snowflakes for my girls.
you really must stop by their shop or blog to see what other lovely things are to be found
they also got money from the grandfathers which they are slowly spending and a pass to a local play centre from micks brother paddy and his wife and son. i am sure theres more but my brain is frazzled so that will do.
the last few photos are of two special bears that we gave to the girls for doing so well in year one (lili) and finishing pre-prep (mia) i bought the bears from lilly cottage and they are more like an heirloom than a teddy bear. lili puts hers back in the bag it came in to keep it precious. the bears really match each of the girls personality.
lili fell in love with 'rosalie' months and months ago. so i secretly bought her and put her away for the right moment.
click on the picture to see the detail in her dress, really special.
this little floppy bear is perfect for mia. its name is 'lil' how sweet is that. the dress is made from vintage fabric stained beautifully to look antique. it really really suits mia!!
boy that was a long post. i promise to keep them shorter from now on. thanks for leaving comments it means so much to me, thanks for reading even if you dont leave a comment it means so much to me as well. i will have another give away soon. i have finished another bird but i cant post about her til she reaches her destination on the other side of the world shhh its a secret. but she is oh so sweet!!
happy new year, hope you make resolutions you can keep (if youre into that sort of thing)
%*_*% rosey


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Yes I guess you can be thankful she does'nt have a cast! Poor little gal!
The fairy book is just oh so pretty!

Linda said...

Hi Rosey,
I just found your blog via Lilly Cottage, and was very happy to see that you are local, sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas sorry to her about your daughters broken humerus but yes in this heat it is very lucky no cast.
I hope you are having a great New Years Day, I will stop in again soon.
Cheers Linda

Kerryanne English said...

Oh no....a new bike and already a 'boo boo'. Thankfully no plaster cast so I hope she copes okay with the sling.... although by the looks of it, she is singing her heart out so no dramas!!

Hope you are okay Rosey.
Happy New Year.

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Happy New Year Rosey....oh my poor little Lili, I hope it doesn't hurt too much and maybe you shouldn't have been doing time trials down a hill just yet!! Courtney had a huge buster on her bike and went over the beachfront wall onto the rocks when she had been riding for quite a while, so at least Lili has got it over with now.. We also got a singstar game for our second hand playstation 2 and the girls were belting our 80's classics that they have never heard before. Lots of fun!! Love your post the girls will love that and boy Claudia looks just like you in that photo!!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

Linda Lilly Cottage at home said...

Oh and I meant to say those fairy books are just gorgeous, they might need to come and visit me one day for a look special, kiss noises again Linda, might sign off on my home blog this time.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh poor Lilly I hope it heals itself soon !!!
Happy New Year to you and yours - those extra presents look fab I love the pop up books!
Lesley x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Apologies - I meant Lili not Lilly (got distracted by reading the comment above mine from Lilly Cottage!)

afiori said...

Oh poor lili! *hugs super carefully*
Looks like she bounces back well, though! I thought she was wearing fairy wings in the pic... (the fan)

Those books look amazing!! I'm going to check amazon.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! Oh - poor Lili! I'm not fond of hills either, so where do I live?? At the top of the range in Toowoomba where there is nothing BUT hills!! DOH!! Love those Lilly Cottage bears!! I was lucky enough to have one of them come and live with me for my birthday - her name is peal and she's dressed in the aged vintage lace, too - with a pearl necklace, of course!! Oh, and we saw in the New Year the same as you - trying to keep cool to sleep!! Party animals, that's what we are! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Linda said...

Hi again Rosey,
We are actually not in Brisbane I just put that because people from overseas would not know where Morayfield is.
Cheers Linda

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog Rosey.Poor daughter I cant believe it.I hope she has a fast recovery.Pity her in the hot weather,probably will bother her more at night.Love all the pics of the girls.Cant believe mine were small like that at one time LOL.Especially love the one of Mia drumming,LOL.You should really enlarge it and put that one on the wall.HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the family Rosey.

Anonymous said...

By the way love the banner with the dolls really cute!

Anonymous said...

Rosey and family, Happy New Year! Bonne Année! Feliz 2009!

Oh poor Lili, at least you won't have to wear that sling for very long. Good thing you are little and will heal quickly! You get back on that bike as soon as you can and let it know who's boss! :D

edward and lilly said...

Wow, so many lovely things. The pop up books are amazing and those bears!! Thanks for letting me know about the charm and happy new year :)

afiori said...

YAAY! Maxine has arrived!!!
Thank you SOOO much for her and all the little things - I'm excited and will probably use some of them today! There will be pictures but not now because I'm quite under the weather with a cold :-/

This really cheered me up though :D

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Rosey! Thanks for stopping by! Your 100th post is just around the corner too! Happy New Year! Lisa :)

Jules said...

love love love your blog,Rosey them bears are the best and darn now i knopw i just MUST have fairytopia and not a child in sight to blame it on.Ypur poor daughterreally rang in the new year i thought it was just the bobbons that are supposed to snap.