Sunday, January 4, 2009

the bitch is back!!

attention my cyber sweethearts... due to popular demand (well actually only my demand) WEEKEND WHINGE IS BACK !*_*! this means that anytime over the weekend i can vent about things that erk me and you can join in on the fun. you can either whinge on your blog or leave a whinge in my comments, that simple. one of these days i will be smart enough to make a badge for my side bar, i have the image in my head... 1950's style housewife with mayhem all around her!!! the sad thing is that most of my whinges are about my poor mister and the kids, and my first whinge does not disappoint in that regard. i will endeavour, however to whinge about other things in general as well *^_^*
why is it my job to do all the paper work? and by paper work i even mean throwing away the junk mail! this is obviously a job i put off until this happens....
this corner becomes the haven for all sorts of things and soon we have an avalanche of 'stuff' falling to the floor, where you guessed it, it sits till I pick it up.
if you look carefully you can see, medications for asthma, sequins,junk mail, x-ray info, children's art work and lilis entire life in grade 1!! oh yes the phone is buried there somewhere too.
i feel like my dad when i hear myself saying things like... 'that has been sitting there for weeks, are you blind?' and 'am i the only person in this house?' things have got to change , i cannot keep up with the growing amount of information regarding book lists, uniforms, doctor appointments (no dad i still havent booked in for the check up on my leg). i think i would die of shock if someone else threw a scrap of paper in the bin. and thats not even mentioning the bills that have to be thought of. yep once again all me. i have two calendars (have had for a few years now) one for money in and out and one for social events and work commitments. it helps me to stay on track but i do wish it wasnt my responsibility. i know, i know i can hear my peeps saying it is my fault for being a control freak but i think i am ready to relinquish that role (just a bit)
phew glad thats off my chest! now i need your help. i can see from the comments of my last post that quite a few of you are familiar with the melty bead are lilis creations but did i do it right? have i melted them enough? they are not coming apart so i am happy about that but do they need to be more melted?
here are her first two. she cant wait to do more but the baby ( i dont know why i call her a baby when she is 2 and a half ) has to be asleep or else there would be beads everywhere... in ears, up noses, that sort of thing.
they actually arent her designs there is a book with a template but i might suggest that she try her own design, she seems to be creative.
any suggestions or feedback on the melty beads would be much appreciated.
the last photo is for all you necklace wearing ladies (and men if you sway that way).
naked except for those fancy beads. i found her this way dancing to the wiggles! such a great photo opportunity (*_*)
bye for now and feel free to leave your whinge... Linda always makes me laugh with her tales, i am sure you all have at least one thing that annoys you.
mmmwwaah rosey


our shabby cottage said...

Hee Hee, my whinge is...Why can't little boys hit the water when using the toilet....It often smells like a public toilet....I made them clean it yesterday and they kept saying "yuck, it smells".
Oh really, does it, then hit the water next time!

Kerryanne English said...

Okay sweets, here goes - who hides tissues in their clothing in places that are not obvious so they end up shredded throughout the entire load of washing AND why is only ever in the dark wash????

Oh I have heaps where that comes from but if I keep going it won't look good for my new status of Domestic Goddess!! LOL
Thanks for the chance to vent.

Linda Lilly Cottage at home said...

Hi Rosie, I am so appalled by that mess in the corner..appalled because it doesn't seem to have a least one empty or half empty water bottle, a pair of dirty socks and at least one vital bit of missing toy, some chocolate wrappers and a least a couple of magazines. Then I would feel much more at home, as that is what more than one corner of my home looks like. My whinge in relation to that is that what does darling husband find it necessary to dump his keys, paperwork, dockets, pens, namebadge etc etc right on top of the television cabinet therfore destroying my little displays of prettiness...aaaarrgghh...make your mess elsewhere fella or at least pick up some of the cr.. there are as I said many more areas of messiness he could add to!! Hey look I am at the beach typing on my new friend Larrissa Laptop..woohooo!!! take that MS I can vist my friends anywhere now!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage (glad I entertain you my lovely...long coment though sorry).

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh whinge away!!!
I love a good whine about most things...
Like kids party centres that have no aircon and re washed Disposable cups....Ah doh they are disposable for a reason!!!!!
Well that was just a bit of my day!
I too have a two year old baby and many a thing waits til "babys sleeping" Thankfully she is good at it too

Nata_says_so said...

Oh Rosie, do save that photo of Claudia, I'm thinking 18th birthday party invitations..Teehee She's so adorable, the look on her face is so her. The beadie creatures look right to me, you don't need to melt them any more than that, just enough to stay together. x nata

bekimarie said...

As long as the beads are fused together then they're fine,
We first discovered these when my eldest (now 19) was about 6 and have been hooked ever since. They really do seem to keep the kids quiet but like you we can't get them out with the baby around.
Beki xxx

P.s your messy corner just makes it look like home x

afiori said...

I'm annoyed with my stupid ridiculous cold. Not MY cold as if I own it and like it and paid for it, THE stupid cold and currently even nausea which have taken over my body when my birthday is TOMORROW. Also I made a video for my blog but it's taking ages to upload, I'm not sure if it's going to work.
It's not like I'm seriously ill or anything but I'm annoyed and feel sick.
And I need to clean my apartment a bit but your heap of stuff cheers me up. Thank you for showing that to us.

clare said...

My whinge is there is really not enough room in this little tiny box for all my whinges . Why can't they make them bigger ? AAHH thats better .
Clare's Craftroom

Ann said...

I agree the corner is missing some very critical items but does make me feel at home!

HI! I'm Ann and just dropped in from your posted on Country Comes To Town. Great blog and I look forward to reading more of your entries.

and btw- we just had my youngest daughter's 16 birthday party and that picture would definitely have been on the photo table! lol

afiori said...

awww thank you for cheering me up! I feel better already!!!

The video thing only took five hours to upload... At least it worked!

Anonymous said...

Wow, are you sure you haven't been secretly taking photos of my work desk?? Those sequins look awfully familiar... heheh.

Hooray for a whinge-sanctioned space! I feel your pain, dear rosey. And our_shabby_cottage, I KNOW!!! Isn't it gross? At first I thought B was missing the toilet bowl completely, and then I thought it was because he wasn't turning on the bathroom light when he goes during the night. But I discovered the other day that he just doesn't bother to aim!!!! Arrrrgh. It hits the back part of the toilet and of course trickles down onto the floor and all around the toilet from there. Ewww. I am so sick of scrubbing dried pee off the floor.

Also, I am sick of sitting on my butt all day having to study and do school work. I am doing two courses and they have 10 big assignments between them! Seriously, I can write an essay, but 10 in one semester, at 4 pages each, including references and sources?? You've got to be kidding me. I want a life. I want time to sew. I want ME back! :O

Last but not least, I would like to meet a good man and live happily ever after!

Hmmm, perhaps I should have whinged on my own blog, eh Rosey? ;) mwah! xoxo