Sunday, January 11, 2009

flies!! oh and a tea party

this whinge is not about mister moo or my kids!! oh no it is about something more annoying (only marginally) FLIES FLIES FLIES!! god has created many wonderful creatures but when it comes to flies he let himself down. i know they serve some sort of purpose (which eludes me at this point) but when you are trying to host a children's party where food sits on a plate that has been abandoned as some sort of fun is calling its little owner, it is hard to keep the winged creatures away. however i must say they didn't dampen the spirits of the gorgeous girls who came to celebrate lilis 7th birthday. we hosted a tea party and had such a lovely time. i haven't got permission to post photos of all the children's faces (i forgot to ask) so i will just show those of my family and Jul's girls.
we had heaps of fun with yummy food (too much once again) and a new take on good old fashioned games and lovely company of family and new and old friends.
one of the tables which set the mood. the basket held prizes for the winners of our organised games.
instead of pass the parcel we had pass the teapot!! it so much fun and much easier than layers and layers of paper :)
one of the tables, the other was covered in food!
lovely cupcakes!
someone kept eating the roses off the cupcakes... three guesses who!!
lilis raspberry swirl cake, our favourite!
here she is cutting it. happy birthday my little sweet pea. (lili celebrates her real birthday on the 29th but that is the second day back at school)
a different take on musical chairs, this time it is musical laps. on the count of three the children swap seats then the blindfolded child has to sit on a lap and guess who she is sitting on. heaps of fun but i think there might have been some peeking. an old time favourite, balancing a book on their heads. this little princess went the furthest! isn't she sweet?
the two littlest tea partiers enjoying a spot of cooking in the cubbyhouse.
present time!
lili got some lovely gifts, she will enjoy making these snow domes!
and this watch is too cute, the davis family love to spoil her.
well i am off to have an well earned cuppa. cant believe that my girls are growing up!


Kerryanne English said...

I love a tea party and especially one with cupcakes (another one of my favourites). It looks like Lili had a perfect celebration.

Enjoy your well earned 'party directors' rest Rosie.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Lookslike the lil girls all had a lovely day!
And the food looked pretty yummy too.

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh what a lovely tea party!! I was thinking of you girls today and I am glad that Lili had a lovely day ( without her sling!!). I am also loving that snow dome kit, I might be needing one of those, if not for me then surely for Laura, we looovve snow domes!! At least it didn't rain, flies are a pain in the you know where but rain is a disaster for an outside tea party!!
Big Birthday tea party kiss noises Lili, love Linda Lilly Cottage.

clare said...

Looks like the best party and I wish I could have been there .
Can't help myself .... where did the snowdomes come from ? They look fantastic .
Clare's Craftroom

i cant sew said...

not sure where aunty juls got the snow domes from but when i see her next i will ask:0) we will try to make one tomorrow!

afiori said...

oh wow... Happy Birthday Lili!!!!!!
Looks like a great party. Oh the cupcakes, oh that little house and I looked up "pass the parcel" - I think we need to start playing that in Sweden as well. Especially at my parties.
Your hair looks great btw.

Anonymous said...

AH to cute.I so much remember the balancing the book thing.Actually we used to do that when I was in gradeschool.I loved it!That raspberry swirl looks toooo good,lol.Sometime if you can, post the recipe.Happy Birthday Lili!(love that name)

Linda Lilly Cottage at home said...

Hey, gorgeous girls, you are famous in your own lunchtime....well maybe even more than that, I was just flicking through the new Handmade magazine and there is a gorgeous photo of the 4 of you and your letter exciting for you....I am excited for you and there is no one I can phone at 11.10pm.....I hope you are awake..Oh Teddy bear Kris will be awake i shall go and send her an email, oh whoops that's right she has no email service, oh well I shall woohoo quietly to myself and then speak to you later.....BIg Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

afiori said...

You’ve been tagged!
I’d be very interested to hear your replies so I hope you have the time; details at

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks like fun! Happy early birthday, Lili, I'm sure you enjoyed your day very much by the looks of things. :) What a lovely day for a tea party. Rosey, you think you could plan my next party? Hahaha. :P


Hollypop's said...

Looks like a great birthday party. Love the 'pass the teapot' idea. The cupcakes look lovely - a friend of mine did a similar thing for Holly's birthday instead of having a large birthday cake she made up all little cupcakes and arranged them in a cone shape it was sooo pretty and the little girls loved it. Always open for new ideas for party games, the French don't have birthday parties like we do, they don't play party games - so it was a real novelty for Holly's friends.
Love the cubbyhouse, what a great place to play!
Take care... Nickyx