Friday, January 9, 2009

fart joke friday... NOT

did that title get your attention? my father was having a dig at me the other day for my 'wordless wednesday' he was saying that i am getting too posh or something to that effect. we were having a laugh about other names we could have for the days of the week and this was our favourite. nothing posh about that title #*_*# (sorry if i have offended anyone). come to think of it i dont know any fart jokes, but i would love to hear some!!!
onto more sensible things, below are some photos of a great little change table we bought for $20. it will be perfect for storing my growing supply of crafting items.... buttons, sequins, threads, ribbons the list goes on. the only problem will be keeping claudia away from it all but i guess i will cross that bridge (daily) when i come to it.
it started out as an off-white table. the other container will become a ribbon storer, mick is working on that project.
we sanded it a little so that the new colour would take to it.
click on this to make it larger and check out that cute smile. mick has the exact same dimple high on his cheek!
we painted it a nice cottage green....
and then sanded it in places where it might ordinarily be worn over time to give it that vintage look. now cast your mind back to my pavlova... remember i told you that mick likes to take over and often the project doesn't end how i had planned in my head? well once again mick started to sand it but tooooooo much. there are parts i like but then there are spots that look too overdone.
see up the back there... tooooo much sanding.
overall it looks great and i am really happy with this inexpensive storage solution, beats the plastic container i am currently using!
enjoy your weekend, we will be hosting a tea party for lilis 7th birthday on sunday (her birthday isnt until the 29th but that is the start of school) so i will take heaps of photos for my next post.
take care mmwwaahh rosey


afiori said...

Hehe, I thought for sure the fart joke had to do with the change table... Posh, you???! 1) anything WRONG with being posh? 2) again, posh, you? Pfffffft!

i cant sew said...

he he yes i am sure lots of farts would have been made on this table....

Anonymous said...

Dimples are soooooooooo Cute !!
I have a dimple on my left and my twin brother has one on the right .I had to share my Mums womb ,birthday and my dimples LOL!!.
Sorry dont know any fart jokes .
Love from sesga xx

Hollypop's said...

What a great new use for a changing table. It looks great and your little helper is so cute.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I have the exact change table!
Not in use anymore just sitting in the shed and thecradle too.
Your lil girl is a cutie....Dimlpes do it for me everytime

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

p.s if you want some fart entertainment...Read mt older post marked on my side bar as "funny putty"....There's ven a fart poem!

Anonymous said...

Change tables are so versatile. Once there is no more need for changing poopy pampers, there are endless possibilities!

Nata_says_so said...

I'll have to show you how I am storing all of my craft stuff next time you are over here, I'm so happy with it (mainly because I can actually find stuff and I actually use a lot of it instead of it just sitting in a box under my bed), I love the colour you painted the change table in, very shabby chic. x hugs nata.

Kerryanne English said...

What a fantastic (and cheap) storage solution Rosey, and the hired help is pretty cute too.
You'll have to post a photo when you have it filled with craft supplies.

afiori said...

hello, hello - did I seem rude putting the copyright thing underneath my photographs??!? Of course I don't expect Rosey to STEAL my images and claim them her own, of course not. I'm just thinking about how to point out the fact that all images are mine, you know, especially after the greate Polyvore image theft. I almost don't want to put images on Flickr anymore. I'm always careful about using copyright free images in my collages - and the collage itself is then of course copyrighted to me. Just like your birds are your copyright the instant they're created. I just feel sad about putting large copyright thingies on images.

afiori said...
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afiori said...

p.s. I answered you in comments. Basically, it's easier with art and writing than many other things: as soon as you write or draw or take a photograph (and it's not a copy of anyone else's work), copyright is automatically yours the instant the work is created. No one can take my poems, what I've written on afiori, my photographs, anything and use it themselves without permission because that's copyright violation. If you invented your birds, they're yours.

PS - my copyright post has NOTHING to do with readers on my blog so please don't take offense. It's about the image thieves on Polyvore etc. and I know many, many artists / crafters are not aware of their rights.

Linda Lilly Cottage at home said...

Ohhh what a great idea to store your craft supplies and look at those little helpers you have, sure to get the job done so much quicker...NOT!!!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly