Monday, January 26, 2009

in the eye of the storm...

when you think of the word cyclone what comes to mind?? for me it is the build up first, then the touch down of destruction. the eye of the storm comes next when there is eerie calm, followed by the furious ending where it wreaks more havoc until it fades off to build yet again some other time. that just about sums up an ordinary day for our youngest daughter - claudia!! so you can imagine that anything crafty has to take place during the ' eye' of the storm or after it fades where it is actually recharging ready for its next ' touchdown'.
so during the 'eye of the storm', while i was stitching another bird ~Millicent~ (which i will post about on my other blog i cant sew) mia asked if she could stitch as well. now i am not the most patient of people, but i believe my new years resolution was to have more patience, so i decided to draw a basic shape on some felt and let her stitch away. i was really quite impressed with her efforts and determination to make something out of it. what started as a basic house shape turned into a little bag in which she can house her little 'treasures'.
i love the motion in this picture.
she made a few mistakes that i had to unpick, but all in all she understood what to do quite quickly.
i used my version of a blanket stitch to turn it into a sort of pouch.
home sweet home *^_^*
here are the 'treasures' that reside inside.
pretty clever don't you think?!?! i love my girls, each is so unique but i can also see traits of mister moo and myself in each of them. i wish i didnt have to go back to work, i could do this sort of thing all day long for the rest of my life and never get bored. i dont get it when people say they would be bored if they didnt work, i have so much to keep me going and i have just finished 6 weeks holidays!!!
oh before i go HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY
mmwwaaaahhhh *^_^* rosey


Kerryanne English said...

What a lovely job she did of her little pouch. Looks like there is another little crafter in your house.

Like you Rosey, I could never get bored. There are so many things on my 'To Do' list that I need to live until 110 to have any hope of getting them all done.

Miranda said...

One word... "Family"..
What a wonderful mother you are Rosey..
Love you zillions..
Mir xx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Bored?? What is that??
And I see you and I have a common Resolution: the patience thing.
I think I am pretty patient but with three young kids you just need to be "more"
I love your work and your lil ones.

Hollypop's said...

What a lovely little pouch to keep her bits and bobs in. Well done Mia.
Have a good day Rosey.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

wow fab job Mia !! they love joining in and doing stuff like that dont they ? i have to restrain myself from taking it and doing it "properly" :-S bad mummy alert for me !! oops ! i dont do it anymore i leave her to it!
Lesley x

Nata_says_so said...

Aww, what a clever girl Mia is. She's just like her mummy. :)

afiori said...

Your daughter looks sooo focused!! Adorable. And obviously talented.

Thanks for telling me a bit about your job by the way! Always interesting to hear what it's like in different countries, school systems etc!

Janet said...

Very clever little stitcher! Loved the "treasure" too, Liam has similar inexplicable collections!!

You'll never hear me saying would be bored if I didn't work either. I could fill my days quite nicely and life would be calm and organised rather than that constant dream-like feeling that I can't get to where I need to be no mater how hard I try! (I am always thinking "I could almost catch up if I had one more hour/day/week).

And happy Australia Day to you too!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! What a sweet little bag! My Mum used to sit me down with a little project like this when she wanted to sew - I think I must have made hundreds of hand-sewn pin cushions!! Tee! Hee! Hee! And like you and Kerryanne - I don't have time to be bored - in fact, some weeks, boring would be nice so I could take a breath! The list of "Things To Do" tends to have one thing crossed off and three added, so Kerryanne will have company for her long crafting life! Tee! Hee! Hee! I know it's back to work, but hope you have a great week! Bear Hugs! KRIS

bekimarie said...

Well done Mia, what a clever girl!
Let's hope she keeps it up, a crafter in the making.
Take care
Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

Shes is so cute.Love her little house.Oh I remember when, LOL, they grow up fast Rosey hold on tight to them.HUGS!becky

Anonymous said...

As I said on the other blog, Mia is turning out to be quite the natural crafter! I love the photos of her stitching, she looks so determined. You're an awesome mom, Rosey! :)

Hollypop's said...

I know it's great, but she is funny she goes around tidying everyone elses bits and bobs away and then I find her little things delicately placed around the house.
I think she's going to be a real homemaker one day.
Enjoy your day.

Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

HI Rosey! Just stopping by to say Hi---it's been awhile and boy did I miss a lot!! Love the sweet little pouch! Can't wait till Josie gets just a little bit older and we can do crafts together. Have a great day today!! mmmwwaaahhhh Stacey